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Peruvian Connection - Luxury Alpaca and Peruvian Pima Clothing for Women & Men

Women's Tights & Cotton Dress Leggings

Women's Cotton Tights, Pima Cotton Leggings & Business Dress Tights

Luxuriously soft women's tights and women's leggings are made of the finest grades of pima cotton and baby alpaca wool, making them wardrobe staples. These pima cotton leggings add textural interest to your dresses and skirts for a flattering fit. These cotton tights and leggings are hand-embellished for wearable art.

Endlessly wearable, our women's tights and leggings pair with women's dresses and skirts in our women's clothing line for a polished look one day, an arty vibe the next and boho-chic anytime of the week. Pima cotton leggings and tights are designed in the same spice-market hues and sophisticated palettes as our other wardrobe staples. So shop our cotton tights and leggings, then choose women's dresses, skirts and shirts to complete your one-of-a-kind style. Our women's tights and leggings will finish off your ensembles - whether relaxed or sophisticated - with polished good looks.

Boho-chic women's tights are wardrobe staples with our women's leggings made of the finest grades of pima cotton. Add textural interest with these pima cotton leggings that are elegant go-anywhere women's clothing.

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Choose globally inspired women's tights and leggings for wardrobe staples. Our stylish women's leggings and tights are meticulously handcrafted of the finest grades of pima cotton and offer laid-back luxury for effortless style.

With luxuriously soft women's tights and leggings, add a layer of textural interest to this season's sophisticated women's dresses and skirts. Our women's leggings and tights are made of the finest grades of pima cotton for a comfortable, flattering fit. These pima cotton leggings feature myriad boho-chic styles that make any outfit a polished ensemble. Our globally inspired cabled women's cotton tights and other leggings are made of natural fibers for environmentally friendly designs.

Our women's tights and leggings are handcrafted with exceptional quality, making them instant wardrobe staples. These women's leggings are business-ready separates that also are versatile enough for a special event or dinner out with friends. Our graceful pima cotton leggings and tights offer hand-embellished details that provide elegant simplicity. Choose these women's cotton tights for effortless style that is always go-anywhere.

Add our women's tights made of luxury fibers like baby alpaca, and you take your women's dresses to an extraordinary level of relaxed sensuality. Our pima cotton leggings, available in both cropped and ankle length, are made of gorgeous art knits, so luxe and insouciant, adding just the right intriguing touch. Our cotton tights, great for year-round wear, easily take your your warm-weather essentials into cooler seasons, making for polished ensembles that are both travel- and business-ready.

Our women's leggings offer an exceptional softness for the most luxurious and flattering fit. Pair these women's leggings with our globally inspired skirts and dresses. Or wear these women's tights with our artisanal long alpaca wool sweaters for a relaxed sensuality. Our pima cotton leggings and other velvety smooth women's tights are sculptural basics that achieve a style that is both ultra-chic and feminine when combined with our artisan-made women's clothing.
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