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Peruvian Connection - Luxury Alpaca and Peruvian Pima Clothing for Women & Men

Designer Travel Jackets & Boho Coats

Luxury Fashion Jackets, Casual Designer Coats & Alpaca Travel Jackets

Stay warm outdoors in women's winter coats and fall jackets from Peruvian Connection. Have fun in wool fall jackets and winter sweater coats that keep the chill off while wrapping you in gorgeous workmanship and sophisticated palettes. Our women's outerwear is crafted from the finest grades of baby alpaca wool and pima cotton from Peru, providing exceptional softness. And many warm fall jackets and coats are light enough to wear any season when the weather cools off in the evening.

Wear our women's winter coats and fall sweater jackets to play in the park, hike through the forest or sip a mocha outside at a coffee house. Our versatile winter and fall jackets include dress jackets that pair famously with slacks and dresses, but also look ultra-chic when worn with casual jeans and skirts. Try women's outerwear as work coats to keep you warm while waiting outside for taxis or trains, and that carry you into evening for a concert in the park after a day at the office. Our endlessly wearable jackets and coats also work as travel jackets, so you have stylish outerwear to slip on for your journey, and wear when vacationing at a favorite destination.

Explore women's winter coats featuring flattering silhouettes and lengths. And try winter and fall jackets featuring extraordinary exotic prints in sophisticated palettes.

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When choosing women's winter coats for outdoors, don't forget to browse our warm gloves, hats and scarves.

You'll find the best women's winter coats, fall jackets and warm sweaters at Peruvian Connection to pull on for your favorite outdoor activities and celebrations. Many winter and fall sweater jackets are seasonless, created with lightweight textiles that offer just enough warmth for any time of year. Our women's outerwear features the finest grades of baby alpaca wool and pima cotton, offering luxuriously soft comfort. With so many versatile jackets and coats to choose from, you'll have plenty of options for your outdoor wardrobe.

Try women's designer coats in warm wools when you want to spend time hiking and exploring the great outdoors. Many double as fall jackets, providing enough warmth to keep the chill off. For low temps, layer women's outerwear over our velvety smooth pullover sweaters, or pair them with shirts and vests. We also have sweater jackets and coats in long styles to help keep your legs warm while window shopping downtown, and also feature knit coats with hoods to help warm your head when out in the elements.

Each of the women's fashion jackets from Peruvian Connection is meticulously designed, and features exquisite appeal that pairs beautifully with your best slacks, sweaters and dresses. Pull on winter or fall jackets to attend an outdoor wedding, a charitable event in the park or a nighttime dinner at an al fresco restaurant. You'll find women's outerwear like brightly colored dress jackets, work coats such as top-rated blazers and effortlessly chic tailored coats with stylish lapels. Wear this women's outerwear as work coats, and then stay cozy in them for after-hour parties or weekend events.

Although our women's winter coats feature elegant styles and artisanal designs, you'll want to wear them for more than sophisticated outdoor affairs. Pair colorful fall jackets with your favorite jeans and boots to spend time in the park. Or try women's outerwear like dress jackets or work coats with cotton leggings or long skirts when you want to spend time browsing artistic outdoor botanical gardens. Look for jackets and coats in your favorite colors and lengths, and try gorgeous outwear featuring ethnic prints, florals or geometrics.
Items 13 - 24 of 78