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Peruvian Connection - Luxury Alpaca and Peruvian Pima Clothing for Women & Men

Women's Accessories & Handcrafted Jewelry

Women's Fashion Accessories, Handcrafted Jewelry & Peruvian Jewelry

  • Black Lace Crocheted Earrings Earrings Women's Alpaca Earrings, Handcrafted Women's Clothes & Designer Earrings
    Black Lace Crocheted Earrings Earrings Add sophistication with women's handcrafted earrings from our women's handcrafted jewelry collection that is globally inspired. Our artisanal Peruvian earrings, alpaca earrings and other fashion jewelry are always elegant complements to anything you wear. 20 Product Reviews
  • Gaietto Stretch Bracelets Bracelets Women's Handcrafted Peruvian Bracelets & Designer Women's Clothes
    Gaietto Stretch Bracelets Bracelets Women's handcrafted bracelets bring artisanal flair to your favorite polished ensemble. Choose these exquisite women's Peruvian bracelets with sterling silver and gold vermeil embellishments for sophisticated alpaca bracelets and other boho-chic women's handcrafted jewelry that is wearable art. 23 Product Reviews
  • Ojai Pima Cotton Necklace Necklaces Handcrafted Alpaca Necklaces, Women's Clothing & Fashion Peruvian Necklaces
    Ojai Pima Cotton Necklace Necklaces Sophisticated women's handcrafted necklaces are artisan-made for wearable art that complements your wardrobe. Choose these silver and gold vermeil Peruvian necklaces when you want to add a sophisticated artisanal flair to your business or casual wardrobe for alpaca necklaces that are hand-embellished for effortless style. 16 Product Reviews
  • Labradorite Ring Rings & Brooches Women's Peruvian Rings, Women's Clothes & Handcrafted Alpaca Rings
    Labradorite Ring Rings & Brooches Arty women's handcrafted rings offer extraordinary styles from around the world. Our women's Peruvian rings, alpaca rings and other women's handcrafted jewelry are meticulously handcrafted with gorgeous semiprecious gemstones, sterling silver and gold vermeil for wearable art that combines vintage inspiration with modern sensibilities. 5 Product Reviews
  • Rose Mardi Gras Earrings Peruvian Jewelry Handcrafted Women's Jewelry, Women's Clothing & Fashion Peruvian Jewelry
    Rose Mardi Gras Earrings Peruvian Jewelry Choose women's Peruvian jewelry when you want to make a one-of-a-kind style statement. Our sophisticated Peruvian handcrafted jewelry features artisan-made earrings, necklaces and rings that are globally inspired with sterling silver, gold vermeil and other jewels for elegant women's Peruvian earrings, Peruvian Necklaces and Peruvian rings. 20 Product Reviews
  • Carnaval Earrings All Jewelry Women's Handcrafted Peruvian Jewelry & Women's Fashion Clothes
    Carnaval Earrings All Jewelry Slip on women's handcrafted jewelry from our exclusive collection of jewelry that is globally inspired. Our sophisticated women's fashion jewelry features strikingly beautiful Peruvian earrings, Peruvian necklaces, Peruvian rings and Peruvian bracelets and cuffs that are wearable art. 62 Product Reviews
  • Labyrinth Pima Cotton Bag Handbags Women's Leather Handbags, Women's Designer Clothing & Purses
    Labyrinth Pima Cotton Bag Handbags Stylish women's handbags from our women's accessories collection are no ordinary women's purses. These designer handbags are artisan-made for globally inspired masterpieces with modern sensibilities. Our one-of-a-kind designer purses feature handbags made of the finest leather, pima cotton and alpaca wool. 16 Product Reviews
  • Paisley Bandana Scarves Women's Alpaca Scarves, Women's Clothes & Fashion Silk Scarves
    Paisley Bandana Scarves Our women's scarves are an eye-catching accessory for those who love the luxurious feel of silk and fine wool. Our silk scarves and other handknit and handcrocheted fashion scarves are designed with globally inspired patterns for women's accessories that are wearable art. 40 Product Reviews
  • Saranac Shawl Shawls & Wraps Women's Cotton Wraps, Alpaca Women's Clothing & Designer Shawls
    Saranac Shawl Shawls & Wraps With exquisite women's shawls, you'll stay warm and in style. Our sophisticated women's wraps offer globally inspired patterns in earthy tones and color-drenched designs for the best handknit baby alpaca shawls, pima cotton wraps and silk shawls that are wearable art. 7 Product Reviews
  • Yavari Pima Cotton Belt Belts & Sashes Designer Sashes, Women's Belts & Fashion Women's Clothing
    Yavari Pima Cotton Belt Belts & Sashes Supple leather women's belts are artisan-made with globally inspired modern designs. Our handcrocheted women's sashes, leather belts and other fashion belts are meticulously handcrafted with earthy tones, color-drenched natural fibers and vintage-inspired patterns. 30 Product Reviews
  • Wanderer Alpaca Legwarmers Legwear Women's Designer Leggings, Fashion Tights & Women's Clothes
    Wanderer Alpaca Legwarmers Legwear Match our sophisticated women's tights with the rest of our women's clothing for an eye-catching style. Part of our women's accessories, our graceful women's leggins and leg warmers are made of luxuriously soft pima cotton, alpaca wool, silk and other fabrics for the most flattering fashion tights. 31 Product Reviews
  • Fur Pompom Alpaca Hat Hats & Gloves Designer Gloves, Dress Women's Clothes & Women's Fashion Hats
    Fur Pompom Alpaca Hat Hats & Gloves Choose from our sophisticated women's hats and women's gloves for a boho-chic style statement this season. Our luxuriously soft fashion hats and fashion gloves offer go-anywhere styles from fringed leather gloves and fur fedora hats to fingerless lace gloves and handknit berets made of baby alpaca wool. 63 Product Reviews
  • Vallnord Alpaca Fur Hat All Accessories Women's Casual Jewelry, Fashion Women's Clothing & Women's Accessories
    Vallnord Alpaca Fur Hat All Accessories Our women's accessories are never ordinary, with artisan-inspired designs that offer effortless style. Select our fashion accessories that are meticulously handcrafted for one-of-a-kind women's jewelry, women's purses, women's handbags, women's hats, women's gloves, women's tights and other accessories that show off your bohemian side. 266 Product Reviews
  • Wesley Square Buckle Belt Customer Favorites: Jewelry & Accessories Women's Favorite Accessories, Unique Jewelry & Popular Women's Clothes
    Wesley Square Buckle Belt Customer Favorites: Jewelry & Accessories Our favorite jewelry and accessories include gorgeous belts, luxe scarves, glamorous handbags, and luxuriously soft fingerless gloves to name a few. Popular jewelry and popular accessories from Peruvian Connection boast architectural details and global inspiration, and these women's accessories are wearable art for every woman. 59 Product Reviews
  • Alpaca Fur Pull-Through Scarf Gift & Winter Jewelry & Accessories Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry, Boho Accessories & Fashion Jewelry
    Alpaca Fur Pull-Through Scarf Gift & Winter Jewelry & Accessories With handcrafted jewelry and artisan designer accessories from Peruvian Connection, add textural interest to your ensembles. Our unique jewelry - which includes handcrafted earrings, necklaces and bracelets - is meticulously handcrafted using the finest materials that will complement your boho outfits. 217 Product Reviews
  • Tahoe Boots Footwear Women's Boots, Women's Tall Leather Boots, Women's Designer Shoes & Footwear
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Items 1 - 12 of 294