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Customer Comments

Read what people are saying about our service, quality and design.
"I have been a fan of PC for many years. The products are beautiful and unique. I always feel good wearing your clothing. Thanks!"

Cashmere lady, June 2017

"PC has unusual items in beautiful fabrics."

JoJo from Savannah, Ga, June 2017

"I love the beautiful designs and uniqueness of the clothing. I also appreciate the great customer service I recieved when an item I purchased was not available in the timeframe I needed it, the customer service representative found one for me in a store and had it sent to me. Thank you!"

Anne from Washington, June 2017

"I love the attention to quality and the unusually beautiful colors that this company carries!"

Southerngallie from Georgia, June 2017

"Quality and style! And lots of 100% cotton."

Byrch, June 2017

"i am never disappointed with the quality of these products."

ellecee from Los Angeles, CA, June 2017

"Although retired RN (ICU/ED) I also worked in a lawfirm as nurse paralegal & I still have clothing I purchased from PC in 15+ yrs ago that are still in perfect condition. Quality, style & choice every time."

Borntotravel from Austin, TX, June 2017

"Quality. Quality. Quality. Timeless Style. Wonderful fabrics. Great service."

PC lover from Virginia, June 2017

"the feel, comfort, and warmth. classic style."

Red from Northeast, PA, June 2017

"Unique fabrics and designs for the mature woman!"

atkinsia from Oxnard, CA, June 2017


classy lady from AVENTURA FLORIDA, June 2017

"I rarely purchase something that needs to be returned. What I love most is the consistency of sizing and I know exactly what mine is!" from Massachusetts, May 2017

"Very unique things that I don't see in department stores. High quality."

CLM from Las Vegas, May 2017

"The quality of your knits/fabrics is excellent and different. You cannot find it in any store"

Daisy from Illinois, May 2017

"High quality items that also provide employment in Peru."

Tortuga from Sunny SoCal, May 2017

"Unique and unusual clothes at reasonable prices; good fit."

Folle-Chanson, May 2017

"Quality,style, and value cannot be matched."

Arkyjst from Alberta, Canada, May 2017

"Outstanding quality combined with classic and inovative style. Quality is the most important always."

Logolady, May 2017

"Unusual, well-made clothing that is inspired by other cultures but crafted for the US buyer. Clothes are distinctive and most are timeless. I still have (and wear!) sweaters that I bought years ago. Prices are high but I'd rather have a few items that last than lots of cheap fashionable clothes that don't."

Inca from California, May 2017

"Always good quality and style."

dbw from Kingston, WA, May 2017

"Exceptional customer service. The shipping address (Suite number) did not print fully on the shipping info (although I confirmed it was correct in my address book). I called and was told that they should be able to correct it before it went out the door (the shipping already processed). 15 minutes later, I received a call saying that they did correct it. I was blown away by the service. She said that she (PC) did not want me to have to worry about getting my shipment. I always loved your clothes, now I love your company even more! I wish you had stores in Atlanta! (PS: If you ever do, check out Avalon in Alpharetta, I believe it would be a perfect market for you)"

60spink from Atlanta, GA, May 2017

"I find that most things look wonderful.. love the fabrics and the originality of design. I rarely have to return anything. I like the Bohemian feel."

Tia from NH, May 2017

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